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Whether you're having a grand white wedding, a low key luau, or a civil ceremony, your dress has to be perfect no matter where or how you celebrate your union.  

Boulevard Bridal is a beautiful wedding dress boutique in Earls Colne, near Colchester and we pride ourselves on our service,  which is personal, attentive and relaxed.

As well as our fabulous designer gowns from Alexia, Eternity Bride, Art Couture and Amalfi, we also carry a great selection of "Take Away Today" gowns - for those girls on a tight schedule!

New for 2014 is a gorgeous collection from Callista. A modern designer specialising in curvy and plus size wedding gowns. Stylish and flattering, you will look and feel wonderful on your wedding day

Appointments & Advice

The boss on her wedding day.........See what we mean?

Boulevard isn't your run of the mill Bridal shop.  We're different here, we have fun.  Yes, fun.  Quite frankly shopping for your wedding dress can be a peculiar experience.  How often do you go shopping with all your friends, your Mother-In-Law and your Mum, your Aunties, your sisters, his sisters, his Aunties, your next door neighbour and goodness knows who else?  The answer is never.

So, why start now?  Our advice is........don't.

Sounds harsh doesn't it?  It's not, trust us.

Through a series of completely unscientific studies we have found that there is a technique to ensure the best wedding dress shopping experience, and here it is:

+   Book an appointment for yourself.  Make sure it's at a time when you're not rushing around and are up against the clock.  Remember, we can do out of hours appointments if necessary, so there's no need to worry about when to fit an appointment in.  We know you're busy - you run the world for goodness sake!  

+   Either come by yourself so you don't feel pressured by your galpals to "Just try it on for me, I know you wouldn't wear it, but I like it, go on".  Or bring one or two people who are supportive, positive, and that you trust.  Do yourself a favour, don't bring hoards of people.  All of our appointments are private.  Can you imagine a whole bunch of Brides trying to look in the same mirrors at the same time each with their own entourage?  Nope, neither can we!

+   Bring an open mind.  It's totally cliched, but the vast majority of our Brides buy a dress for their big day that 'They never would have picked out initially'.  So go on, let your hair down.  Try something a bit different.  You never know!!

+   Enjoy yourself!  Our girls are here to help you.  If you've got a question that you think is the most stupid question ever, just ask it!  Unless its Quantum mathematics.  Don't ask us any questions on Quantum mathematics please.  We can't answer those.

+  During your appointment you may find that you have whittled your choices down to a couple of dresses, or you may have decided on "THE ONE".  Then you can book in for another appointment to bring your motley crew so they can all see the gown(s) you've chosen.

+  Love the experience!  Love your dress!  Love yourself! And if you're already panicking about going wedding dress shopping because you're not a dressy kind of a girl, then head over here to read our Jeans and T-shirt Bride blog.

+  If you're really freaking out, or want to ask us some questions before you book, just drop us an email on carla@dresscodenine.co.uk or call the store on 01376 587949