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Whether you're having a grand white wedding, a low key luau, or a civil ceremony, your dress has to be perfect no matter where or how you celebrate your union.  

Boulevard Bridal is a beautiful wedding dress boutique in Earls Colne, near Colchester and we pride ourselves on our service,  which is personal, attentive and relaxed.

As well as our fabulous designer gowns from Alexia, Eternity Bride, Art Couture and Amalfi, we also carry a great selection of "Take Away Today" gowns - for those girls on a tight schedule!

New for 2014 is a gorgeous collection from Callista. A modern designer specialising in curvy and plus size wedding gowns. Stylish and flattering, you will look and feel wonderful on your wedding day

To bra, or not to bra, That is the question.

Not your average wedding blog.

This blog for the modern gal is bought to you by our Wedding Agony Aunt Aimee.  With humour, love and ice cream she has all the answers to help you plan and enjoy your dream wedding.  If you've got any questions for her, or need some advice, just leave a message here.  Enjoy!

To bra, or not to bra, That is the question.


Dear Brides,

Do not despair.  You needn't worry about your "Sisters" on the big day.  There is no doubt that we want our assets to be secure whilst still looking fantastic, but believe me.....it's not all about your undies.

Nearly all my Brides ask me what kind of of bra they should wear on W-Day.......my answer is NONE!

Oh what a scandal!

If you aren't used to going bra-less that's ok, I know how you feel.  There aren't many of us girls who regularly recreate those 'running through a meadow, bra-less in a cheesecloth dress' moments.  If you have sizable assets in the bank then the idea of going bra-less would seem ridiculous, but never fear.


Your wedding dress IS your everything.  It's your wow factor, it's your personality, it's your heart, it's your style, it's your achievement, it's your hard work and ladies, it's your support too.  

Any designer worth their salt should be able to look after your girls all day and night so you don't have to worry about flashing the vicar.  All of our designers have fabulous support wear built in so if you wear a bra under your wedding dress, you're basically wearing two bras.  Come on, that's just daft.  We don't enjoying wearing one bra most of the time, so why would you wear two?

Get a Grip

When you're having a fitting done, don't be afraid to get in there and sort them out.  Let's face it, sometimes, they don't exactly go where you want them to go, so give them a bit of direction, get zipped or laced up, and a good, well made dress will get you on that dance floor quicker than you can say I do!

Yours sincerely,

Bo Obsmagee