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Whether you're having a grand white wedding, a low key luau, or a civil ceremony, your dress has to be perfect no matter where or how you celebrate your union.  

Boulevard Bridal is a beautiful wedding dress boutique in Earls Colne, near Colchester and we pride ourselves on our service,  which is personal, attentive and relaxed.

As well as our fabulous designer gowns from Alexia, Eternity Bride, Art Couture and Amalfi, we also carry a great selection of "Take Away Today" gowns - for those girls on a tight schedule!

New for 2014 is a gorgeous collection from Callista. A modern designer specialising in curvy and plus size wedding gowns. Stylish and flattering, you will look and feel wonderful on your wedding day

The Jeans and T-shirt Bride

Not your average wedding blog.

This blog for the modern gal is bought to you by our Wedding Agony Aunt Aimee.  With humour, love and ice cream she has all the answers to help you plan and enjoy your dream wedding.  If you've got any questions for her, or need some advice, just leave a message here.  Enjoy!

The Jeans and T-shirt Bride


Some people would consider my job as a Bridal Consultant a peculiar career for me.  I am not a stereotypical girlie girl.  I'm an outsidey, jumping in puddles and climbing trees kind of a girl.  The reason I do my job and the reason I love my job, is because I am in touch with my "Glittery" side and I love it.

Recently I have had a stream of email enquiries from women who are (and I quote) "Freaking out", because they aren't (and I quote) "girlie girls".  These beautiful women have been put off wedding dress shopping by the overwhelmingly fluffy, sparkly, spangly, pastel coloured, instagram, pinterest wedding world you are exposed to as soon as you announce that you're engaged.

Are you a jeans and t-shirt bride?

So, you don't want to float down the aisle under 42 layers of jewel encrusted tulle?.........We hear you.

There is a dress out there for every Bride, but you must take your time and don't just assume that everything is going to make you feel silly.  Let your hair down a bit, try some dresses on that maybe you wouldn't have considered originally.  The worst thing that can happen in your appointment is that you try a dress on that's not your favourite. Not that bad is it?

Keep it light too.  It's not a 'saving the world, red wire or blue wire' type situation.  If the attendant in the shop makes you feel like choosing a dress is a life or death situation.......you're in the wrong shop.  Take your wellies and your sense of humour and try a different shop. It's ok!

Trust your instincts.  If you're not used to wearing dresses, or shopping for dresses, it doesn't mean you're no good at it.  If you get any of the following symptoms during your appointment, speak with your consultant immediately:

+  Butterflies

+  Giddiness

+  Unexpected dancing in front of the mirror

+  Never before seen by the public "Swishing" in a dress

+  Ugly crying happy tears

The symptoms shown above are to be taken seriously at all times.  Trust your instincts.  If your dress is the total opposite of what you thought you might walk down the aisle in, then that's ok too!  

Additionally, let yourself be surprised by what you like.  Be open minded and enjoy the process.  It is my belief that all women have some degree of glitter bug built in to their genetics.  This does not mean that you want to be a full time Unicorn.  If you're a jeans and t-shirt Bride or a full time disco ball Bride - it doesn't matter, you still have to walk down the aisle feeling 110% amazing and that is what we strive to do at Boulevard for all our wonderful clients.  

We are humans here at Boulevard....humans with big bums, wobbly bits, height deficiency, big feet, small feet and great big smiles.  We have been providing a fantastic service to fantastic women for over a decade and we know our onions.  No matter what kind of a Bride you are, we've got your back.

Love it and rock it.  Your way.

P.S. If your MIL is giving you blood pressure.....we know how to deal with her too.....